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Diversity & Inclusion is one of RBC’s five Values and, as such, a core component of the group’s Collective Ambition. RBC has a long standing approach to promoting Diversity & Inclusion in all aspects of its activities as defined in our Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint which sets the direction for our priorities, objectives and commitments throughout the year. It aligns with our organizational purpose, and focuses on attracting and developing the best talent, providing advice and solutions for diverse client markets, and enabling the social and economic development of our communities through partnerships, research, volunteerism, and corporate citizenship.

Diversity at RBC IS Bank Luxembourg

RBC IS Bank Luxembourg invests in diverse opportunities to educate, inspire and empower our employees, and to provide valuable gateways to professional development. Our Diversity objectives are:

  • To be a recognized leader in workforce diversity;
  • To be the financial institution of choice for diverse clients, and;
  • To leverage diversity for the growth of RBC, and the success of the clients and communities we serve.

RBC IS Bank Luxembourg is an active member of Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) Luxembourg and a privileged partner of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg. This charter is committed to promoting diversity that goes beyond legal and regulatory obligations of non-discrimination. 

In 2014, RBC IS Bank Luxembourg created a Diversity Leadership Council (DLC), now known as the Citizenship & Diversity Committee (CDC), whose mandate is to:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of diversity.
  • Accelerate cultural change across the organization to leverage RBC’s Value of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Advance diversity within the organization to create a rewarding and inclusive work environment for all employees. 

When it was created, the DLC was made of three streams: Gender Diversity, Active Leaders, and Multicultural Workforce. In 2020, however, the CDC initiated a redesign of its structure and governance, and expanded its Diversity & Inclusion strategic focus on five pillars:

Pride: Contribute to creating a positive, inclusive and sustainable work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) employees. 

Mosaic: Promote an environment that recognizes the multicultural interests of its employees, clients and other constituencies, and embraces the inclusion of different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of all employees.

RWomen: Foster the development and career aspirations of women. Create an environment where employees have equal opportunities to grow, succeed, and achieve their full potential.

RBC Green: Generate a positive impact for the environment as a company, and through the actions of its employees.

RBC NextGen: Enable employees in their 20s and 30s to build connections with peers and leaders while creating positive impact within RBC and in the community. Connect with schools and universities in Luxembourg and in the Great Region to build partnerships and enable mentoring.

Comillas SFF

“Our vision is to prepare the next generation for the professional world, and give a positive view about working in the financial/banking sector”

The last pillar, RBC NextGen, is the one I’m sponsoring.

Our vision is to prepare the next generation for the professional world and give a positive view about working in the financial / banking sector.  We’ve collaborated with external parties such as schools and the University of Luxembourg to get involved with local young people and create a dialogue that can benefit both parties.

We’ve recently sponsored the Scienteens Lab – an extracurricular learning centre at the University of Luxembourg. Society is undergoing a rapid digital transformation and smart technologies have become part of our daily life, so it is crucial to familiarize young generations with technology. The sponsorship allowed the Scienteens Lab to develop a new workshop, entitled ‘Art and AI’* which is now offered to young people aged 12 to 19 – and an opportunity that was also provided to 40 children whose parents work at RBC! 

We’ve also engaged with Lycée des Garçons d’Esch and provided several workshops on CV and interview skills. We participated in the dayCare.lu charity program with four students who spent a day at RBC to learn more about what we do, and how RBC and staff are engaged on Environmental Social & Governance initiatives. This event will be renewed in October 2022, and combined with the new #DigitalChallenge program supported by IMS.The main objective of the Digital Challenge is to create a lasting cooperation between students, teachers, high school guidance units and companies’ human resources departments. The aim is to understand together the new challenges linked to the future of employment and to accompany young people in their quest for meaning, especially on the job market.

Recently, we’ve welcomed 14 students from the IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School for an insightful discussion on Human Resources Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, where the students were able to learn about the world of investment banking and how the industry is incorporating CSR initiatives.

RBC NextGen continues to be engaged in the youth community, in 2022 and beyond. The objective for RBC is to expose young people to an international company in the financial sector, and reinforce the message that RBC is also an innovative technology company.

This commitment will be reinforced via:

  • New partnerships including schools, Chambers of Commerce etc.;
  • Supporting internship and apprenticeship programs to attract new young talent;
  • Supporting the Digital Girls program launched by the University of Luxembourg (which is focused on promoting computer science to girls) and engaging ’RBC Role Models’” within our organization (a joint initiative with the RWomen stream);
  • Finally, engaging our primary community (the children and students of our RBC employees) via webinars and ’Ask Me Anything’ sessions on the financial sector, existing and future jobs, technology, Cyber Security etc.


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