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All financial services providers that are members of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg can apply for free to join the SFF.

Why you should join the SFF?

Boost business

Use the SFF as an effective platform to generate business


To directly influence decision-making on the initiatives to be developed and the activities that the Chamber organizes within the framework of the financial sector


Expanding the network of professional contacts in both the Spanish and Luxembourg markets, and improve dialogue with stakeholders in both countries


Improving the visibility and positioning of your company in both the Spanish and Luxembourg markets

Find solutions

To use the forum as a useful and independent resource in the search for solutions to the problems that directly affect your company


To acquire new skills and keep updated on new legislation affecting the sector.



Choose your membership category

Select your preferred membership category. 

The Chamber has three membership categories with different fees adapted to the needs of all companies, from start-ups and SMEs to multinationals. Membership of the Chamber has general benefits for all members with some exclusive benefits for higher categories.

Below you will find more information about membership categories. 


Become member of the Chamber

To become a member of the Chamber, please complete the Accession Form you will find below, and return by e-mail to


Join the SFF

Once we have received your membership application, you can register for free in the SFF using the following Registration Form:

 The registration form must be completed by the main contact of the company member (corporate member) for the relations with the Chamber. Such contact may appoint up to three employees to represent their company in SFF internal meetings. 

Preferably, the different representatives of the same company should be specialized in different working areas and in relation to the Spanish&Luxembourgish markets. 

Welcome to the SFF !


SFF Member benefits

Choose the right membership category for your company

Participation in the SFF is exclusive for members of the Chamber whose activity falls within the framework of the forum. Association with the Chamber provides a series of general benefits for all members while there are exclusive advantages for each of the superior membership categories.

See the general benefits to become a member:

Also, being part of the SFF provides members with additional services:


Annual fee


  • Appointment of up to 3 employees to participate in SFF internal meetings
  • Member profile and logo displayed in the SFF member drectory
  • Featured Interview
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Advantages within the framework of the SFF Magazine


Annual Fee


  • Sponsor plus:
  • Priority invitation to high-level and limited-size events
  • 2 Free invitations for all paid events organised by the SFF
  • Tailor-made services within the framework of the SFF Magazine


To be a member of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg in any of its categories as well as keeping up-to-date with membership payments are an essential requirement to applying for accession to the SFF. 

Yes, you can also become a member of the Chamber and join the SFF as independent professional. Please contact with our team to receive more information:

Yes. Please contact us to update the representatives of your company:

Yes. No joining fee to the SFF is applied. 

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