5 Luxembourg Fintech & Insurtech companies to watch out for in 2021


Working in the asset management industry and managing translations that were too urgent or too technical to be outsourced to translation agencies, the founders of Lingua Custodia felt there was a need to optimise this process and develop an effective, intelligent, user friendly and secure solution to reduce the time and resources devoted to the translation of financial documents.

The Fintech company builds machine translation engines specifically designed for the financial industry and specialised by type of document/linguistic sub-domain.

The aim is twofold: cater to the full spectrum of industry needs and achieve a superior translation quality thanks to highly domain-focused deep learning algorithms. The result: tapping into an estimated market potential of 1 billion euros in Europe alone.

More information: https://www.linguacustodia.finance 

Birdee Money Experts is an online savings management solution dedicated to the general public.

It has been developed by Gambit Financial Solutions, a company specialized in software editing and investment advice, created in 2007 within the HEC, the Management School of the University of Liege. In August 2015, Gambit raised one million euros to accelerate the development of its expertise and provide a new digital tool adapted to the new expectations of consumers.

Birdee, its technological “robo-advisor” solution was launched in 2016 as a white label, only available for banks. In December 2016, it was selected to participate in the finals of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon held in Paris, where it won first prize in its category : “Artificial intelligence and robo-advisors”.

In September 2016, Gambit Financial Solutions turned a new page in its young history, when BNP Paribas Asset Management acquired a majority stake in the company’s capital. Gambit maintains its independence and management autonomy but becomes as such the preferred partner for robo-advisory for the retail and private banking networks of the BNP Paribas Group.

Birdee Money Experts allows anyone to invest money, without requiring a big fortune or specific financial knowledge. A combination of algorithms enables the investor to select a portfolio that meets his personal goals and risk profile. The investor is able to monitor the performances of his portfolio anytime, anywhere.

 More information: https://birdee.co/

Finologee is a fast-growing digital platform operator of robust, ready-made, and compliant systems and APIs for open finance, digital onboar-ding, KYC lifecycle management, professional payments as well as telecom routing and micropayments.

The company was launched in 2017 to deliver compliant cutting-edge techno-logy with a reliable user experience. Finologee already serves more than 100 banks and institutions and handles more than 25 million transactions, messages and end-customer interactions per year on their behalf.

Finologee draws on this deep experience in building digital platforms and ecosystems from scratch. Today, our 36 staff support KYC lifecycle manage-ment, e-signatures, account aggregation/payment initiation, corporate payments and secure open finance APIs for clients in 19 countries. Finologee is a regulated company with an IT Provider and financial data communications license by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

More information: https://finologee.com/

Founded in 2015, SnapSwap offers a business payments and expense management platform for small businesses and a digital onboarding and KYC service for financial institutions and fintechs. Its mission is to support SMEs and startups with the necessary financial tools, Everestcard and Snaprove, to grow their businesses

Everest is a business payments and expense management platform which allows business owners to monitor and manage credit cards by their teams. Everest offers a current account to easily collect customer payments with invoice functionality. It helps businesses enhance their efficiency by saving time and achieving a higher degree of flexibility and control over payment flows. SnapSwap is a principal partner of Mastercard, which allows the issuing of credit and debit cards and processing of the transactions.

In 2017, SnapSwap launched Snaprove™, a digital onboarding and KYC service that allows to speed up the verification process, KYC data collection and allows to perform due diligence of customers. SnapSwap is a fully licensed and regulated Electronic Money Institution in Luxembourg with a proven track record in building digital platforms for onboarding and KYC technologies.

More information: https://www.snapswap.eu/ 

VNX was founded in 2018 with the aim to democratize the traditional private capital market with the help of blockchain and asset tokenization. In 2019 VNX launched an innovative blockchain platform enabling its customers to tokenize various assets, digitalize the fundraising and effectively syndicate deals. Today VNX has a track record of successful operations and impressive credentials with a global scope of operations.

VNX, an asset-backed token issuance and investment platform, is on a mission to transform Venture Capital investing into a new digital asset class accessible to a broad range of investors. VNX Platform provides a simple and user-friendly process to participate in the digital asset offerings backed by startup portfolios, selected startups or pre-IPO companies alongside the lead investor.

The company developed an end-to-end regulatory compliant platform and a turnkey solution to organize digital assets offerings that include development of design and structure of the offering, marketing and investor relations, issuance and after issuance support. VNX also plans to develop the secondary market for digital assets trading.

More information: https://vnx.io

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