The SFF Magazine reaches its 10th edition


In April 2021, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg released the first edition of the SFF Magazine with the aim of providing a new communication tool focused on the financial services industry to its members.

With this latest issue, SFF Magazine reaches its tenth edition.

The idea of creating the SFF Magazine was an initiative of the members of the SFF, the Chamber’s Committee focused on the financial sector. This project was launched to connect professionals in the financial sector who have a link with Luxembourg, Spain and/or Latin American markets, to promote networking and, ultimately, to generate business opportunities for our members in this sector. After ten editions, we can say that the scope of the publication has evolved and is not limited exclusively to these markets, but also addresses issues of European dimension as well as global industry trends” says Joseba Arriortua, Vice-President of the Chamber in Luxembourg.

Currently, the SFF is a network of 65 companies and more than a hundred professionals.






SFF Magazines



With more than 90 articles published during these first 10 editions, the SFF Magazine has included interviews, articles, and opinion sections on a wide range of topics such as sustainable finance, the digitalization of the financial sector, cross-border distribution of funds, wealth management issues and trends in alternative investments, among others.

Arriortua emphasizes that “for the content management, we always count on the collaboration of leading professionals from both the public and private sectors. The topics are selected based on the areas of specialization of our members and global trends in the financial industry. Until now, topics related to asset management, private equity, financial advisory, taxation and sustainable finance have aroused the most interest.” 

Wealth management of family businesses, new generations of professionals within the industry and the role of independent directors on boards of directors are some of the topics that will be covered in future editions of SFF Magazine.

Discover the first 10 issues of the SFF Magazine

Thanks to the 100% digital format of the SFF Magazine, the publication has been introducing changes and improvements throughout its editions. Thus, at the beginning of 2023, the Chamber launched the SFF website for its members and transformed the SFF Magazine into an online publication with an optimized communication strategy.

In such a competitive and changing environment as the digital one, it is necessary to constantly adapt to new formats. Since its launch in 2021, we have been progressively modifying the different sections and the design of the publication, providing today a simpler navigation for readers and improving the visibility of the professionals and organizations that collaborate in the different editions” says the Vice-President.

The contents of SFF Magazine are free of charge for readers and are published in two languages, Spanish and English.

For all this, we celebrate together with our members and SFF collaborators this 10th edition, and we take this opportunity to thank all the companies, institutions and professionals who have contributed throughout this first period of the SFF Magazine for their collaboration.

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