SFF Magazine September 2023

SFF Magazine SEPTEMBER 2023

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The first publication connecting professionals of the financial sector from Spain and Luxembourg
SFF Magazine September 2023

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OPINION How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Financial Services Industry
DOSSIER Trends in the Fund Industry: Infrastructure and Energy Investments
Meet the team
13 Sep
SFF Magazine September 2023

MEET THE TEAM – FE fundinfo

FE fundinfo – a global leader in investment fund data and technology With strong roots in Europe and the UK, FE fundinfo is a global leader in investment fund data and technology, connecting the fund management industry to inform better investment decisions. Trusted for our data,…


Dossier Trends in the Fund Industry: Infrastructure and Energy Investments

Dossier / Article
Dossier / Article
city interchange at nightfall in shanghai, modern transport infrastructure background
SFF Magazine September 2023

Making conviction-led choices to achieve long-term value creation is key to the energy transition

Infrastructure projects are of fundamental importance to the energy transition, spanning a wide range of asset classes. As well as the traditional infrastructure that will require further acceleration to meet society’s needs around renewables, green mobility, energy efficiencies for social infra- structure, decarbonisation of utilities…

EU Banking
SFF Magazine September 2023

Political agreement reached on the EU banking package: what to know and be ready for the upcoming CRR III and CRD VI regulatory landscape

The European Parliament and the Council have reached a political agreement on the new Capital Requirements Directive VI (CRD VI), together with the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR III), which constitute the implementation of the final set of international standards of Basel III in the European…

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